There’s nothing like that perfect colour to crown a good hair cut. Whether it’s your classic prescription blonde or the more opulent vivid balyages and ombre’s, Rustiq are ready and waiting to give you what you want. There is one warning that comes with that grand promise. We will not compromise the condition of your hair for the sake of a colour. The health of your hair is what is most important to us. Trust in what we say, because we know what we are talking about.
Education is key and we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with all the latest colour trends and techniques. We have tested them all and will know by looking at your hair what is going to be most suited to you and your lifestyle.
There are a couple of key aspects that help you get the best out of your hair colour.  One is to use professional products. I know you have heard Rustiq talk about this a lot. The Alphaparf and Joico Products that we stock in the salons are sulphate free. This is essential for healthy hair. Sulphates not only coat the hair making the colour harder to penetrate but they can strip the hair of its essential oils reducing the overall condition.
If you are considering a major colour change then we would recommend a clarifying shampoo from our professional range as a precursor to your application. This will strip that build up away and leave the hair cleansed and prepped and ready to have colour applied. This is almost like starting with a blank canvas. Bringing the hair right back to its’ natural state allows us to see what bespoke colour is needed to help you achieve the look you want.
A vital component in a major colour change is our Olaplex treatments. Olaplex fixes broken bonds, it will repair any damage internally and bring strength, structure and integrity to the hair. There are numerous products available and can be used at different points in the service. You can trust your hairdresser to know which treatment or product that your hair will need to bring out the best results.
Another thing you need to know as a consumer is that colour takes time. If you have a specific colour in mind there may be a few steps that we need to take to achieve the look you desire. Changing from a warm brunette to a cool blonde will take skill and patience. We will never risk the condition of your hair to speed up the process. It may even involve a couple of appointments but there’s one thing we can be certain of, you will not be disappointed with the results.
You are guaranteed a tribe of fully trained knowledgeable and passionate hairdressers once you enter our doors. Every step will be taken to make sure that the health of the hair is maintained. When the health of the hair is perfect then our amazing colours can really shine through. We know how to get to get the best out of hair and give our customer real result that last.


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