The BIG move!

We spent 5 years on hanover road in carlow town after moving in from Lieghlinbridge, a small beautiful town outside Carlow. When the recession hit I knew I needed to get into the town so hanover became our home, but 5 years later the salon was not growing and proved to be a huge stress on my Kilkenny salon but not wanting to give up, a unit became available on tullow st so with no one knowing anything (  my husband included here too !! ) I accepted a lease on a  unit and we moved over within 4 weeks of signing! It sounds simple but it actually was  it was my 5th time to move salons between the 2 counties that we are in!!

So i could seriously become a professional salon mover , decorator, builder and plumber all in one. But then anything is possible with the right team behind you and getting organised ! So 4 months on and Rustiq , Tullow st is going reaching for those stars….

Never give up.


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